Yang Hyun Suk allegedly embezzled money from YG artists concerts for his gambling

Article: Police, "investigating link between Yang Hyun Suk's gambling and profits from YG concerts"

Source: Sports DongA

Police believe Yang Hyun Suk embezzled artist profits for his gambling in Las Vegas.

According to a report by Channel A on the 10th, police are tracing the source of funds that Yang Hyun Suk used for his gambling. Police believe that he gambled using proceeds from YG Entertainment artists' overseas performances.

Police are currently analyzing the data received from the Nevada Casino Administration after requests made through the FBI. They're looking into how many times he gambled, how much, and whether he won or lost so that they can determine the source of the funds used as well as the alleged illegal foreign exchange ['hwanchigi'] activities.

Alleged 'hwanchigi' activities by Yang Hyun Suk overseas

A source from the police spoke to Channel A and revealed, "we're investigating a possible link between Yang Hyun Suk's gambling money and YG artist profits from concerts in the U.S. We're also investigating possible use of company funds for the alleged gambling."

Police are also investigating YG's dongsaeng [younger brother] and former YG CEO Yang Min Suk.

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