Netizens express disappointment over '2019 MMA' saying its rigged

Article: 'MMA 2019' succeeds in breaking prejudices but fails to overcome limitations

Source: Hankyung

Netizens are disappointed with this year's Melon Music Awards.

Although the event received acclaim for it's concert-like and unique stages, many felt like the collaboration stages and unnecessary drama videos that were supposed to be fun made it difficult to focus on the artist's capabilities.

The biggest disappointment was perhaps the non-attendance of top Kpop idols. At least four groups that made the Top 10 list were not present at the ceremony. Moreover, the absence of chart-topping groups like AKMU, TWICE, BLACKPINK left much to be desired.

Public distrust and negative views in the aftermath of the ongoing sajaegi scandal also remained a loophole. As it is the largest music site in Korea, Melon has repeatedly been suspected of sajaegi and received direct hits from the public. In response, Kakao M made it clear that there was no manipulation. However, none of the artists who had long been the target of the controversy over their manipulation were present at the ceremony. It was a result that contradicted the influence of the long-term rulers of the chart.

The video clip that outlined the 2019 KPOP scene raised a lot of questions including the fact that AKMU was only nominated for "Best Rock" category and didn't even win the prize.

  1. [+614, -45] It's weird for YG singers to come out and SM hasn't been there for a while unless they're getting an award.
  2. [+246, -73] Broke prejudices against unfair awards?? ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ I've never seen such a rigged ceremony in my life ㅋㅋㅋ
  3. [+175, -19] In most categories the top candidate didn't even attend so they didn't receive an award. They might not be manipulating in the open but still leaves a bad taste.
  4. [+227, -76] Kim Soo, what did Melon ever do to you? Never topped the charts?? Within the first hour they topped the charts with T.T. If you're going to write articles please check the facts first.
  5. [+79, -9] I think BTS should've received all the awards. They were no. 1 in the idol music chart and album chart all year. The Top 100 and Hot Trend winners are a bit suspicious...
  6. [+25, -3] Please refund us our money and apologize to the artists and fandom. I knew the Melon awards were rigged the minute I saw those intro videos...
  7. [+41, -20] Not many singers came out and so many awards were given to random people...Kang Daniel? ABSIX? The Boys?..let's just cancel these rigged awards..
  8. [+20, -0] Large agencies don't care to come to those low level awards. Singers want to be on stage but they won't let their kids appear making the fandoms fight with each other. How do these agencies think they can match up with American market?...
  9. [+25, -6] It's because SM won't let EXO attend unless they receive an award. The company feels like they have to be the main character at the ceremony. It's been a while since the group got an award since BTS started doing well and now BTS level is too high.
  10. [+25, -9] We need an explanation on the hot trend award!!
  11. [+20, -5] Explain the hot trend award and release your scores immediately.

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