Le Sserafim's debut outfits and choreography cause further controversy


Article: "Is HYBE crazy with Le Sserafim's choreography and costumes?"

Source: Pann

I thought it was weird since the teaser but I didn't know the stage would be like this. This is really bad. This is sexual harassment level.

  1. [+370, -18] Kim Garam's karma, out! [Article: "Le Sserafim Kim Garam asked about school violence controversy" - Leader Kim Chaewon "I think there will be an opportunity to tell you exactly what happened in the future. Garam - "I'd appreciate it if you could understand that it's difficult to talk about this."
  2. [+200, -48] You're quite strange too, who shares pictures screencapped right at that momentㅋㅋㅋ
  3. [+152, -36] They're still working hard even after all those sexual objectification claims? Le Ssexrafim is really quite blatant to this level. 
  4. [+132, -21] Totally akb level
  5. [+127, -1] So disgusting ㅋㅋ. HYBE only has men so they pushed all their sexual fantasies on their idols.  
  6. [+88, -0] HYBE has earned a lot of money, was it really necessary to do such a cheap concept? The girls are all pretty too. 
  7. [+65, -1] It's quite a shocking statement but I think its true. Reporters say agencies deliberately send out these types of photos of minors...
  8. [+49, -0] Probably thought it was sexy enough to hook men... but it's not, it's just cheap. 
  9. [+40, -0] Looks like they were deliberately aiming for ahjussis with this concept. 
  10. [+35, -0] They should've flat out never became celebrities, especially Kim Garam. They didn't dig into their past but just trusted on their faces. She lived such dirty past but still chose to become an idol because she's has a pretty face. 
  11. [+35, -0] But why? Isn't this what Garam likes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  12. [+24, -0] Seriously who was that choreography for? Why are they kicking up their legs like that?