Leaked DMs show Garam bullied another classmate C over her mom being "disabled" + HYBE visits victim's school


Article: Kim Garam revelations, "Your mom is disabled, so are you disabled too?"

Source: Pann

"Hello, I was in the same class with Kim Garam when I was in 7th grade. I accidentally dropped Garam's pencil case so I apologized. While picking it up she said, "Your mom is disabled so do you have a disability too? Are you blind? Don't go around if you can't see in front of you etc. From the next day onwards, I was constantly picked on by her group of friends and received attacks on Facebook. I wanted to reveal this because it was so upsetting but I'm afraid she'll retaliate against me if I post it so I shared it. Can you post it for me? Please, I'm sorry if its uncomfortable."

"I heard the head of the department was silenced. HYBE went to the victim Yoo Eun-seo's school and made them shut their mouths."

  1. [+889, -4] I'm seriously getting goosebumps that they visited the victim's school. Do all the employees of that company have zero conscience? They must have middle or high school kids or nephews that go that school..? Do they feel no remorse going to her school? The fact that they thought to visit the victim's school to shut her mouth.. ah.. this is too much. 
  2. [+738, -3] And they're still claiming she's the victim of school violence? Is that company trying to cover the sky with their hands? 
  3. [+692, -2] I bet Garam doesn't even remember that she did that to her.. because she's used to starting fights and bullying other kids day to day.. she won't remember it. 
  4. [+190, -1] More of Kim Garam's classmates revealed testimony..  
  5. [+150, -0] If she has a disability because her parents are disabled, then what kind of class of satan are Kim Garam's parents to give birth to such a monster? 
  6. [+135, -1] Seriously what does Garam have on HYBE.. what? 
  7. [+43, -3] No.. this isn't about Garam anymore. The whole company's mind is rotten. No one should consume their music anymore. Those poor victims.. BTS, TXT, Enhypen, Seventeen should boycott that agency. 
  8. [+40, -0] What kind of family did she grow up with to become such a monster?
  9. [+34, -0] HYBE, you punks!! You lie automatically when you open your mouth!!

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