BTS V and Jennie's "video call" and "kissing" pictures leaked + V discovered visiting Jennie's house


Article: "Newly leaked photos of V-Jennie.. video chat, kiss"

Source: Pann

These just got leaked today.. but what is this. To all those who called it fake, it's just embarrassing now.

I guess they'll have to either catch the hacker quickly or shut them up with money..

  1. [+413, -116] Dating is dating and all but to chase her around to Jeju and even chauffeur in New York during her comeback period when you don't even have schedules.. will he die if he doesn't see his girlfriend for a week? He clearly knew everyone eyes are on them but he clearly isn't thinking about the fans.. Kim Tae-hyung-goon, I hope you and your lover get married.
  2. [+368, -47] But V seems to be brimming with happiness even with his pictures getting leaked everywhere.. it's only the fans that are losing their mentals
  3. [+336, -75] If my bias did that I'd definitely quit the fandom, V fans are different breed alright..
  4. [+188, -20] I'm a fan that honestly wanted them to get exemptions but he should just enlist. He really fooled us into thinking he was working hard in a foreign country when he was playing chauffeur for his girlfriend and openly dating ignoring his fans. He can f*ck off to the army.. 
  5. [+120, -2] Even in the midst of his scandal, he was wearing 'couple' ear cuffs driving her around New York for the VMAs.. I hope they never break up.. 
  6. [+113, -53] V with his girlfriend vs. his fans
  7. [+102, -5] Their agency isn't putting out responses either so why are ARMYs going around throwing curses at everyone in the comments? Instead of yelling at everyone in the community, tell the agency to start protecting their artist. 
  8. [+87, -19] This was irrefutable proof they were dating..
  9. [+84, -8] He rushed to New York just in time for Jennie's schedules.. looking at this post now makes me realize how pretentious it is.. 
  10. [+82, -2] The black puppy in the top right is Jennie's and the cat was raised at Jennie's home, the sofa V is lying on is clearly at her house..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they are at a level where even the parents have acknowledged their relationship ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  11. [+76, -2] This is Jennie's home right? If so, V really deceived his fans f*ck