Blacknut once again found guilty of sexually insulting KittiB

watch_later August 12, 2019

Article: Kitti B sexual assault charges against Blacknut...appeals court finds Blacknut guilty once again...hip hop diss justification NO"

Source: MK Sports

Blacknut has been found guilty of sexually insulting rapper Kitti B once again.

The Seoul Central District Court rejected Blacknut's appeal on the 12th and sentenced him to 6 six months in prison suspended for two years probation and 160 hours of community service.

The judge said, "the defendant appears to have targeted the victim with his derogatory and explicit insults. The defendant [Blacknut] was also fully aware that his insults were degrading when he used them. He's claiming that "its just a diss in hip-hop therefore acceptable" but we don't believe there's a reason to make an exception just because its the genre of hip-hop."

Blacknut was indicted on suspicions of sexual insults against rapper KittiB in his song "Too real" released in April 2017. In addition, during performances from February to September 2016, he was accused of insulting her at least 4 times by mentioning KittiB's name directly while performing sexually insulting gestures on stage.