Som Hye-in comes out publicly + releases proof shot of same-sex skinship

watch_later August 12, 2019

Article: Som Hye-in's bold coming-out of same-sex skinship released

Source: Herald Pop

Som Hye-in has come out as bi-sexual.

She recently announced on Instagram, "I have a very beautiful girlfriend, " and posted a photo of her kissing a woman's cheek and holding hands.

Later on Instagram stories, she said, "I'm really bixexual. I have a girlfriend."

Previously, Som Hye-in appeared in Mnet's 'Idol School' in 2017 but left the program after one broadcast due to health reasons.

Since then, reports have surfaced alleging that she was a school bully.

  1. [+1,665, -16] Isn't it problematic to run a story like this? It's not like she's a celebrity..
  2. [+540, -23] School bully
  3. [+511, -29] Do school bullies leave DNA evidence of their abuse?
  4. [+334, -125] I don't think she plans to live in Korea ㅋㅋ
  5. [+273, -15] It's her life. It's not like she's a celebrity...we don't care~
  6. [+41, -7] Is this really a #1 trending article in Korea for real?? What is happening to our country;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ????????????? 
  7. [+27, -21] Women who are bi-sexuals are just promiscuous~
  8. [+22, -0] Nugu..?
  9. [+20, -0] Who..? I'd rather read an article explaining why was no milk delivery today..
  10. [+18, -7] What the f*** is this! Get rid of it dirty!
  11. [+15, -4] The female Hong Seok-cheon ㅋㅋㅋ
  12. [+9, -4] The worst influences in Korean and school bullies~
  13. [+8, -6] Homosexuality is a mental illness...she's basically a psychopath.
  14. [+5, -2] So dirty...psychiatrists say that this is a kind of mental illness?
  15. [+3, -0] Who...?