FBI get involved in Yang Hyun Suk & Seungri's case + expand investigation to other countries

watch_later August 9, 2019

Article: Korean police obtain 500 documents that prove Yang Hyun Suk's 'hwanchigi'..."made a request to the FBI"

Source: Sports Today via Nate

Police have secured documents that confirm Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri's illegal activities overseas.

Korean police sought help from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the U.S and were able to obtain over 500 documents that prove Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri illegally gambled in Las Vegas and that Yang Hyun Suk committed illegal foreign exchange transactions ('hwanchigi').

According to a report by 'News A' on the 9th, the police obtained documents from the FBI that confirmed that Yang Hyun Suk lost about 600 million won and 1.3 billion won respectively, gambling in Las Vegas. Yang Hyun Suk visited the casino VIP room at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas in October 2017 and February 2018. Yang Hyun Suk allegedly obtained the gambling funds through a "fund manager" in the U.S.

Police believe that whenever Yang went to the US, he stayed for about a week there and would go to the casino each time. Police are looking into whether Yang prepared the gambling funds using a "recurring" funneling method where he would receive the funds locally (in the U.S) and pay the money back before returning to South Korea.

An employee from the casino's marketing department confirmed to Korean police at the request of the FBI that "Yang Hyun Suk visited the casino multiple times."

Police have also obtained confirmations from the casino employee that Seungri allegedly lost over 1.3 billion won gambling at the same hotel casino multiple times. The employee also confirmed to police that "a "person in charge" visited Korea to receive money from Seungri."

Police are also looking into possibility that Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri may have engaged in massive illegal gambling activities in other countries beside Las Vegas.

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