[BREAKING] YG has terminated its exclusive contract with CL

watch_later Friday, November 8, 2019

Article: [Official] YG Entertainment, "we have terminated our exclusive contract with CL, thank you for the shining promotions."

Source: Sports Donga

YG Entertainment has terminated their exclusive contract with CL.

YG announced the news in a press release on the 8th and stated, "We have come to an agreement with CL to end her exclusive contract, in order to respect the wishes of both sides.We would like to relay our deep word of thanks to the fans, who loved CL during her shining promotions as an artist under YG Entertainment. After debuting as a member of 2NE1 in 2009, CL promoted as both a leader and rapper, while also leading trends in fields such as music, fashion, etc. She also left proud footprints in the title of the first Korean female solo artist to enter Billboard's 'Hot 100' chart, in October of 2016. 
We ask for your abundant encouragements and attention toward CL's new and future activities, and YG Entertainment will also cheer her on with unchanging loyalty and affection. Thank you." 

CL is the 3rd 2NE1 member to leave YG after the group's disbandment in 2016.

Good luck to CL on her future endeavors.
  1. [+2,812, -27] Wow today is a special day for the fans! How happy they must be. What a day to remember. 
  2. [+596, -27] It's really frustrating to see the way YG manages things?? They let their singers rot in the company by not letting them release music. Such a waste of CL's talent ㅜㅜㅜㅜ
  3. [+608, -67] YG's obsession with America and their wasted talent. if JYP's debut advancements were Wonder girls and G Soul, SM's were BoA and now SuperM and YG's was Se7en and CL
  4. [+292, -8] YG's terrible treatment of CL in a nutshell...1.Put the group on hiatus using CL's American debut as an excuse..2. Blocked her from releasing her solo song in the U.S 3. even though she had recorded the song and filmed the MV. CL even got mad and released snippets of the MV but YG asked her to take it down. She even complained to YG on Instagram about it. 4. Let her go on hiatus for 3 years even though they had promised to let her debut solo. Basically treated her like she invisible.  
  5. [+192, -1] Today is CL liberation day! Lee Chae-rin! Congratulations!! I hope Sandara Park leaves in the future too. 
  6. [+119, -2] Sandara, Taeyang, Akmu, Lee Hi...please escape that pharmacy~
  7. [+47, -2] Aigoo..she wasted her youth at that agency only for the group to disband..
  8. [+41, -1] Let's aim for a spring comeback~
  9. [+31, -0] You finally escaped the pharmacy! Congratulations!!
  10. [+34, -0] I've been waiting for this day since Minzy left. Yang Hyun Suk needs to take responsibility for wasting their talents. He really hurt Minzy with his comments about her back then too...anyway I hope everyone leaves that trash company.
  11. [+32, -0] What the hell is YG doing? I don't think anyone from YG gets a proper album nowadays. They're busy sending them abroad to do concerts.
  12. [+30, -2] The person that represented YG the best was CL. YG kept media playing with Jennie but she ended up betraying them with her dating scandalㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ.CL's is way more talented than Jennie by a landslide ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ
  13. [+17, -0] Let's cross our fingers for Big Bang now ~
  14. [+17, -0] Honestly YG is doomed at this point...