Entertainment official on SBS 'Midnight': "Top celebrity paid 80 million won for sajaegi"

ArticleEntertainment officials on 'Midnight' reveal price to purchase sajaegi from 80 million won ..."PC room work at dawn"

Source: My Daily

'Midnight' has obtained testimony from officials regarding chart manipulation [sajaegi].

SBS program 'Midnight' that aired on the 4th revealed testimony regarding alleged sajaegi brought forth by Block B's 'Park Kyung' involving singers VIBE Yang Da Il, Kim Na Yeong, Song Ha ye, Lim Jae Hyun, Jeon Sang Geun, Hwang In-wook, and Jang Duk Chul. They all strongly denied the allegations stating "they never engaged in chart manipulations" and threatened strong legal action. VIBE even actively called for investigations into the allegations.

An agency official interviewed on 'Midnight' stated, "I heard that he was asking for about 80 million won for sajaegi. If the song ranks in the top 10 list the monthly music sales will be worth billions of won so we went to work. We grabbed five local PC rooms and gave out 20 IDs. They began working at dawn so that the song can be ranked on the chart in the early morning hours."

"Companies A & B are well known for their expertise in social networking services. Company B has a contract with Singer C and a female singer. They use social media to make it seem like the chart manipulation is valid."

One singer who had direct contact with a broker said, "In the past it used to be around 100 million won but now its between 150-200 million. You're guaranteed to stay in the top 10 and they'll market in on SNS so that the chart manipulations look valid."

  1. [+376, -2] Hul~the evidence is piling up. I'm rooting for you Park Kyung~
  2. [+137, -1] At this point I can no longer trust any songs on the chart. Let's take this opportunity to root out all these thugs. 
  3. [+87, -1] So who is singer c?
  4. [+70, -1] Melon out
  5. [+16, -0] Vibe's lies have been outed ㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+15, -1] In the past there used to be a lot of songs in the chart I would listen to in real time but there's nothing worth listening to in the top ranks these days so I skip all of them.
  7. [+14, -0] Park Kyung fighting!!!
  8. [+11, -0] ㅋㅋㅋ Let's just go with the only one person that comes to mind ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  9. [+4, -0] I heard that there's a lot agents in PC rooms nowadays but I didn't know they were acting on behalf of artists to manipulate Melon rankings.
  10. [+2, -0] Investigate the company committing sajaegi too!

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