Fans trend #ApologizeToSeungri stating Seungri is innocent citing Jung Joon Young's report as proof

Fans are trending #ApologizeToSeungri providing proof that he's innocent of all charges.

Big Bang's Seungri has been accused of soliciting and mediating prostitution, embezzlement and being a part of Jung Joon Young's controversial molka chat room but fans are stating that he's innocent.

Fans provided proof citing the 67 page Jung Joon Young court document shared by KBS on the 3rd that exposed the extent of Jung Joon Young's molka filming and distribution.

Fans pointed out "Seungri was only mentioned once on the report" and how "Seungri responded with rage when the illegal molka was uploaded to the group chatroom."
seungri chat
Seungri: "XX what kind of idiot f**king uploaded a video taken at room salon XX..this XX
C: "None of us uploaded it cause we know we shouldn't"

Fans claimed "that media probably lied about Seungri's involvement there too pointing out a prior SBS report where the media agency admitted to editing Highlight's Yong Junhyung onto the "group katalk" when he had actually received the molka through a "private one on one katalk".

As a result, fans are claiming that Seungri deserves an apology from the media for false reporting.

apologize to seungri 1

What do you think of the issue? Are fans justified in their request for an apology?

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