Police admit there's no hard evidence in Seungri's 'Burning Sun' case

Article: Police: "Forwarded 7 charges to prosecution..Seungri discussed embezzlement means with Lin Samo face to face"

Source: joongang.co.kr

Seoul police completed their investigation into Seungri and 'Burning Sun' gate after 147 days and have shared the results of the investigation.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed the following on the 25th:

  1. They have forwarded a total of 40 people to the prosecution for further questioning relating to the allegations of sexual favors, embezzlement of 'Burning Sun' funds, and bribery involving Police Chief Yoon and Seungri. 
  2. 8 of the 40 were forwarded on suspicions of embezzlement and include Taiwanese investor Madame Lin Samo (44), Seungri (29), Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In-seok (34), Yoo Kyu-geon (49). 
  3. 21 other people including Seungri were forwarded for prostitution. 
  4. Investigations are still underway for allegations of illegal activities involving Gangnam Club 'Arena' as well as the alleged prostitution services by Seungri at Palawan birthday party and former YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk at his July 2016 dinner party for billionaire Jho Low.

With regards to Madame Lin Samo's involvement, the official revealed that Seungri apparently discussed the means of embezzlement in person. According to a statement made during investigation, since club Burning Sun opened in February 2018, they planned to "share the profits" from May that year. The official explained, "Lin Samo received her share of the profits using "rent" accounts created using fake names. Yuri Holdings shared its proceeds under the guise of "brand usage fees" from consulting services provided to Burning Sun. As for Madame Lin Samo's assistant Mr. Ahn, he received his share via a fake "MD salary" paid under 15 accounts opened under various fake names. Seungri even called Madame Lin Samo personally to confirm that Ahn was receiving his share of the profits under the fake bank accounts." 

It appears that Seungri also personally ordered the destruction of evidence. During investigation, the other suspects confessed that Seungri "had ordered them to destroy the evidence, asking them to "get rid of their phones" right after the police launched an investigation into the molka [hidden camera] katalks." According to the official, statements made by all the suspects were consistent with the statements made by Yuri Holdings CEO, Yoo In-seok.

With regards to the 'Burning Sun' case, the official said, "We thought that Seungri played a leading role in the daily operations of club Burning Sun as the club's founder. The related embezzlement of revenues from Junwon Industries, Yuri Holdings, and Burning Sun wouldn't have occurred without Seungri. We weren't able to offer hard evidence like detailed transactions from a bank book so it will be difficult to establish embezzlement without Seungri's confession. But because of the circumstantial evidence, we had no choice but to hold Seungri accountable." 

Below is a summary of official charges against Seungri that have been forwarded to prosecution:
  1. Prostitution [purchasing sex services] - from December 2015 - Jan 2016 
  2. Prostitution mediation [pimping] - from Dec 2015 - Jan 2016 
  3. Occupational embezzlement of Attorney Fees
  4. Occupational embezzlement of Burning Sun Funds
  5. Instigation for destruction of evidence -[regarding Jung Joon Young's molka katalks]
  6. Violation on the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment etc. of Sexual Crimes
  7. Violation of the Food Sanitation Act - [regarding Seungri's club 'Monkey Museum']
Seungri has denied all the charges above and police seem to have only been able to obtain circumstantial evidence for most of the charges.

Police were not able to obtain any evidence to confirm police collusion.

  1. [+2,111, -10] So what have you been doing for 5 months!??
  2. [+1,112, -18] The real person behind all this is Yoon Jong-kyung and those in power behind him...that's why things are ending like this with Seungri. 
  3. [+542, -9] The whole idea behind Burning Sun was the club-police collusion. So far, they've only indicted police chief Yoon and Yoo as the co-conspirator on the prostitution services. Yoo even admitted that he did it after consulting with Seungri. The prosecution needs to do what the police couldn't and arrest Seungri so that he doesn't get away with it all.
  4. [+41, -0] So if the evidence is consistent why aren't you arresting him??
  5. [+17, -0] Is that it?? You're done? What is it that you did exactly??

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