TWICE Jihyo suffers injuries due to excessive fan filming at airport

Article: [Official] JYP “TWICE Jihyo suffered injuries due to excessive filming… Fans, please keep order ”

Source: Kyunghyang

Excessive and chaotic fan filming at Incheon has caused injuries for TWICE Jihyo.

On the 8th, TWICE arrived at Gimpo International Airport after finishing their activities in Japan and many people attempted to take photos of TWICE and as a result, Jihyo ended up tripping over a fan who had fallen on the floor.

JYP Entertainment released an official statement on the 8th to address the issue and stated, "Today, at Gimpo International Airport, there was an incident in which our artist fell and was hurt due to disorderly and excessive photography. Following artists at the airport after immigration inspection” is officially prohibited according to the blacklist rules, so engaging in this behavior will result in a ban from participating in activities like TV broadcasts. (See TWICE Blacklist Notice.) 

If this issue occurs again, we may have to take legal action. We are letting you know that we are looking into legal options in case this becomes a repeated issue. Questions of safety are not only about the artists but also the fans and the general public. We ask you to keep order at official appearances and refrain from prohibited behavior like following TWICE during unofficial activities. As a company, we are always aware when prohibited behavior like this occurs, and we are always looking into legal options for the incidents that are within the scope of the law. As an agency, we will do our best to protect the safety of our artists. Thank You."

  1. [+194, -10] If you're a true fan you shouldn't cross the line. I implore all ONCE to please take care not to hurt TWICE, please.
  2. [+84, -12] Jihyo, cheer up. It'll all work out.♡♡
  3. [+72, -12] I wish they could get some rest once in a while. Jihyo is such a sweet person. Don't get sick and be well❤️
  4. [+40, -9] Thank you so much Jihyo. We love you.
  5. [+21, -8] I'm an ahjussi fan and want Jihyo to know there are a lot more fans and ordinary people that love and support her. Don't worry about any disparaging comments you might get.
  6. [+13, -0] But it's not just the fans but the reporters at the airport. Please keep your manners.
  7. [+15, -3] I'm glad our precious Jihyo is okㅠㅠㅠ I hope you get a good rest and let's be happy. We love you. 
  8. [+14, -0] I saw the video of her crying and it really hurt me even though I'm not a fan. Celebrities seem to be having a hard time these days.
  9. [+14, -2] Please don't' cross the line!! Jihyo, always stay healthy. ❤️
  10. [+15, -11] Saying sorry to the fan that caused her fall is a bit... ㅠ

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