A well-known hospital in Korea covers up the death of a newborn for 3 years

watch_later Sunday, April 14, 2019

A well-known hospital in Korea is under fire for covering up the death a newborn baby.

According to a report by KBS News on the 14th, 3 years ago, a newborn baby was born in a well-known general hospital delivery room and the baby died in a matter of hours. The hospital explained that it was due to an illness but it turns out that the report was false.

According to the report, in August 2016, a mother gave birth to a baby via c-section at the Bundang Cha Women's hospital after a 7-month term. The doctor slipped and fell while moving the 1.13 kg premature child and the baby died.  At the time, the hospital said that the reason was due to "complications from an illness". 

During investigation, the real facts about the cause of death were revealed and the hospital vice-chairman said, "It was definitely wrong not to have notified the parents of the true facts. We will take responsibility.  We are taking measures to prevent this in the future."

Police are still investigating the case and will proceed to prosecution once the investigation is complete.

Source: KBS News