SBS '8 News' reveals CCTV footage of Noel's DUI accident + victim speaks out

watch_later Monday, September 9, 2019

Article: [Comprehensive] Jang Je Won's son Noel DUI CCTV released... hit and run with a woman → Seeking agreement

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

CCTV footage of Representative Jang Je-won's rapper son Noel has been made public.

SBS '8 News' which aired Tuesday released the CCTV footage from Noel's DUI accident. The footage released shows Noel (19) driving a car then hitting a motorcycle and driving away at a fast pace. The biker floundered right after the collision and fell down and sparks could be seen on the road.

The victim, identified only by her surname 'Lee' reported that another vehicle hit her and ran away. She also said that before the police arrived, Noel asked her to buy medicine and stated he will come back and reimburse her 10 million won for treatment.

The victim testified that 20 minutes after the accident the police conducted a sobriety test on woman that had accompanied Noel for questioning but a man in his 30s who came forward as the driver was not the person at the scene. Lee also stated that Noel's mother contacted her right after the accident and asked to reach an agreement.

Noel got into an accident near Mapo-gu Seoul around 2:40am on the 7th driving a Mercedes Benz with a female passenger. At the time, Noel's blood alcohol level content was more than .08%, the level at which his license got revoked.

Since the accident, however, allegations have been raised that a man in his 30s, who arrived at the scene after police arrived, claimed he was the driver and Noel denied driving. As a result, the police sent Noel back home and the third person got investigated sparking controversy. Later, Noel's mother, accompanied by a lawyer, came to the police station and admitted to Noel's drunk driving.

Afterwards, Noel and his father Jang Je-won posted an apology via SNS, but Koreans started a petition asking for a clear investigation into the case as calls for Jang Je-won's resignation grew.

Police said they will reinforce their investigation team to investigate the case quickly and sternly.